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"..management at our club believes that our membership deserves the best."
Jim O'Neal
Head Professional
Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club

A Golf Learning System
SwingLab is a revolution in golf training because it not only helps golfers get more out of each lesson from their instructor, but it also allows students to practice correctly and efficiently on their own. SwingLab is based on the proven concept that instant visual feedback, not just replay, is the most effective way to learn physical movement.

SwingLab's patented video alignment technology allows instructors and students to view real-time images from exactly the same camera angles every single time a golfer uses SwingLab. Because of this patented process, golfers are assured that any graphics drawn by an instructor will be valid each time a golfer practices. In other words, a student who uses SwingLab to practice an instructor's lesson knows with complete certainty that he or she is practicing correctly. The more lessons one takes, the more lessons one gets to practice correctly. The combination of taking lessons and practicing those lessons correctly until mastered is the systematic way to better golf and lower scores!

The SwingLab learning system is designed to be deployed outdoors or indoors. Most systems will be installed outdoors on the driving ranges of the world's premier golf facilities. SwingLab systems are weather proof so that once installed, they do not need to be brought indoors during inclement weather or at nightfall. The system is very easy to use for any golfer. You don't have to be a computer type to use SwingLab.

"SwingLab is the greatest tool for a Tour player that I've seen. If I get off a little bit, I can walk right inside myself, like a hologram, and feel my swing when it was at its best."

-- Steve Elkington

Form Matching Technology
Form Matching is an exciting and proprietary technology developed by SwingLab. It enables users to compare themselves visually to Tour players by allowing you to step inside the outline of some of the world's best golfers. SwingLab's Form Matching technology is protected by US and international patents and has many sports, industrial and medical applications.

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