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"What you draw on the screen, your student sees immediately. There is not a more clear or direct way to show your students what to do. The old adage that practice makes perfect could not be farther from the truth. In reality, perfect practice makes perfect. If you don't practice perfectly, you won't get better."
Peter Kostis
Renowned Instructor and
CBS Commentator

"The reason everyone will use it is because it is so simple." Gary McCord
Sr. PGA Champion and Golf Analyst

"For most golf pros, understanding what the student is doing wrong is easy. The hard part is finding that certain something that makes a particular student understand. The beautiful thing about SwingLab is it gives the student a crystal clear target to aim for."
Jay McDaniel
Head Professional
Claremont Golf Club

"SwingLab is the greatest tool for a Tour player that I've seen. If I get off a little bit, I can walk right inside myself, like a hologram, and feel my swing when it was at its best."
Steve Elkington
PGA Champion

"The first time I saw SwingLab, I knew that it would help distinguish our teaching program from others. More importantly, management at our club believes that our membership deserves the best."
Jim O'Neal
Head Professional
Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club

"99% of what I work on with my swing is related to posture and alignment. Being able to make sure your setup is perfect each time you practice or play is a huge advantage. If this were available on tour, I believe all the players would use it."
Nancy McDaniel
University of California, Berkeley
Women’s Golf Coach
Former European and Asian Tour Player

"What golfers need is a simple way to learn and improve. SwingLab has captured such a method with a creative combination of intellectual, visual, and tactile features."
Grant Spaeth
Vice President, GolfWeb
Former President, USGA

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