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SwingLab is a learning system designed to train your body to play better golf.

Practice Pays Off
Many golfers are eager to improve which adds to the enjoyment of the sport. But, regardless of how often we go to the driving range, no matter how many lessons one takes, we simply do not make as much progress as we desire. Sometimes we actually digress. Why? Because we do not practice correctly! Because we can not see ourselves swing when we practice, we tend to fall back into our bad habits without realizing it. We are actually ingraining our swing faults, making it tougher to improve than not having practiced at all. The time and money that we invest in practice is poorly spent.

SwingLab was created to help your instructor communicate with you and for you to be able to practice correctly on your own. Graphics drawn by an instructor will instantaneously appear on a student monitor allowing a golfer of any ability to quickly and easily perform the motion that the instructor wants from you. When a lesson is over, SwingLab automatically saves it so that a student can practice the lesson until mastered. Students become anxious to take more lessons because they know that they not only learn more, but they also get to recall the lesson whenever they want to practice. So, your investment keeps working for you because your lesson never really ends.

SwingLab Is Fun
Watching yourself in real-time is the best way to learn a physical motion. Moreover, it is fun. You get to see yourself swing as you do it. Then, step right inside the swing of a professional golfer and see what it feels like to swing like the best players in the world.

For Instructors: Identifying a golfer's swing flaws is easy for you. Getting the student to make the right move is much more difficult. With SwingLab, your instructions are crystal clear. A picture says it all.

For Golfers: It is easier than ever to know exactly what your instructor wants you to do. Real-time visual feedback lets you see and feel the correct motion. Saved lessons let you practice correctly using SwingLab until you have mastered a move. Only then will you be truly ready for your next lesson.

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